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Airline Satisfaction Ranking

How well does your chosen airline score?

I've been flying for decades and to a variety of places all over the world. However, I have recently returned from a trip that ranked as one of the worst ever taken and it was all due to the airline. It was a relatively short trip, but I saw enough during my 25 hours of travel time to say "I'll never book with this airline again."
Many of our flights did not leave on time, I saw seats broken, my bags were severely mishandled. I'm not just talking about banged up, but lost. During one of the MANY phone calls I had to make to the airline, there were times customer service could not even tell me what state or timezone it was in. During one particular lay-over, I sat in a terminal where the flight was delayed six hours due to aircraft maintenance. In fact, I thought our flight was going to get cancelled since it arrived late and we were told it JUST got out of the hanger for maintenance. For a moment, I felt like I was on a test…

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