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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned:  Easy Ways to Earn some Extra Cash with Little Effort

I normally don't write these kinds of posts, but I was updating my earnings spreadsheet and was pleasantly surprised to see how much I have accumulated over the years doing some of the EASIEST things to earn some extra dough with little-to-no effort. 
Let me be up front with you: This is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme and I'm not trying to lure you with any gimmicks, nonsense, or pull the wool over your eyes. People now-a-days want a quick way to make a buck. Trust me, I do to! I'd love to one day have enough money to do what I want - when I want. In fact, if I were super-duper rich, I'd probably do some ridiculous things. Like, have a room dedicated just to puppies or hire a team from Cirque de Soleil serve me my supper in my grand dinning room with me sitting in giant Iron Thrown. Why the hell not?! YOLO!!
Just so you are 100% clear: This is not a quick way to earn some c…

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